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Inspired by the idea that we are all butterflies - Strong, powerful, beautiful forces of nature. This small mug will be a reminder to spread your wings and fly among the wildflowers, make wishes on wish puffs, and show your wonderful true colors.

A Yunomi is the most common type of Japanese Tea Cup, made for daily and informal tea drinking, they vary in shape, but a typically cylindrical with no handle.

All cups are designed for hugging, warming hands, holding the cup of your favorite brew close to your nose for a long slow inhale of yummy smells, and long sips while looking off and pondering your next adventure. Easy drinking and lots of pondering....

Hand-thrown, hand-stamped, and hand-signed using sturdy and functional brown stoneware clay manufactured in Montana. This mug was brush with white porcelain slip when wet and then once bisque fired, an underglaze transfer with hand-painted color was applied. Each mug is hand-brushed with at least 6 coats of glazing, ensuring a durable finish. These mugs are built to last, made to be used and bring a little smile to your day.

I create in small batches. Each piece is thrown in the likeness of the next, hand-crafted, and with hand-brushed glazing. I hope you’ll agree variations in color, small marks from the minerals and stone in the clay, or slight sways in design resulting from working with natural materials create the charm expected and treasured in handmade pottery.

Food-safe materials. Dishwasher and microwave safe, although I hand wash and shy away from microwaving my hot beverages.

Dimensions for this yunomi:
*You’ll be able to get 8 oz in these without having to stand over the counter and bend down for the first sip.
* Height is approximately just at 3.5 inches.
* Top opening width just at 3 inches.

*This listing is for just one mug.

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